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NAMI Airando 2019 – 6th Japanese Festival on the Slodowa Island
Where: Wyspa Słodowa (Slodowa Island in the very heart of Wroclaw)
When: August 31st 2019, 3:00-8:00 PM
For whom: for youth, adults and children
Entrance: free
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More information:
> Plan of Nami Airando 2019
> Program of the Nami Airando 2019
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> Program: Nami Airando 2019
> Slideshow: Nami Airando

Map of the Nami Airando 2019

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Program of the Nami Airando 2019
To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Poland and Japan this year's festival will be opened with parade in traditional Japanese and Polish costumes.

Main stage
Program of the main stage:
15:00-15:30 Opening ceremony: parade along the Slodova Island
15:30-16:00 Japanese drums – Wasabi Daiko
16:00-16:30 Tsugaru style music – Shamisen Berlin
16:30-17:00 Traditional dance and kitsuke demonstration – Chihoco Yanagi
17:00-17:30 Tea ceremony demonstration – Chado Urasenke Berlin
17:30-18:00 Yosakoi dance – Sakuramai Poland
18:00-18:30 5 koto and 5 shamisen concerto – Eiko Tsutsui and Mitsune Kai from Nagoya and Honorary guests and a paper-surprise
18:30-19:00 Japanese drums – Wasabi Daiko
19:00-19:15 Bon-odori – taught and guided by Chihoco Yanagi
19:15-19:30 Miss/Mister Yukata contest
19:30-20:30 Gaijin Blues – modern bits with Japanese inspiration from Wroclaw
20:30-21:00 At the nightfall - lanterns demonstration and closing by Japanese drums – Wasabi Daiko

Martial arts stage
The stage demonstrations:
15:30-16:00 Akademia Aikido
16:00-16:30 Karate Kobu
16:30-17:00 Judo Tigers
17:00-17:30 Aikikai Wrocław
17:30-18:00 Kenjutsu Shinkage-ryu
18:00-18:30 Ryushinkai Kendo
18:30-19:00 Renshinkan Iaido
The workshops will be held continously

Zone of the games and plays not only for children
– origami (Dorigami)
– kiai shiai (martial shouts contest)
– kendama (handy skill play)
– kamizumo (sumo wrestlig with paper sumoka)
– mini-sumo (sumo wrestling in inflatable bubbles for children)
– tug of war
– tied pairs running
– chopstick race

Boardgames and cardgames zone
– shogi (Japanese equivalent of chess)
– Dobutsu shogi or Let's Catch the Lion! - cute and easy game based on shogi
– go (the main Far Eastern strategy game)
– hanafuda (Japanese cardgames familly)
You can learn and play but after all the tournaments will be held, esspecially the "Let's Catch teh Lion!" tournament. We will make you ready for it in few minutes.

Japanese taste zone
– Yaki Kingu (okonomiyaki, onikigiri, kakigori)
– Na wolnym ogniu 'On the Open Fire' (Japanese style burgers especially for the festival)
– Dot Coffee (kawa tradycyjna i autorskie smaki)
– Lemon Rider (lemonade on demand)
the tents:
– Kame (onigiri, takoyaki, cheese cake)
– Taki Ramen (filling Japanese soup)
– Izakaya Kiełczów (sushi and gyoza)
– Chado Urasenke Berlin (freshly brewed tea with cookies)
– MidoriTea4Me (Japanese teas and everything you need to serve them beautifully)
– Naturalne Herbaty 'Organic tea' (tea from Japan and Sri Lanka)
– Welders Browar (special edition of beer made for the festival)
– CHOYA Umeshu Global
– OMAM! Kombucha (an invigorating drink based on green tea)
– Pako-chan (sweets, drinks and cute little things)
– Japonia Centralna 'Central Japan' (ingredients needed in Japanese cuisine as well as sweets and drinks)

Tents of Japanese traditions
– Japanese costumes (Chihoco Yanagi and the group of enthusiasts from the Nami Foundation)
– etegami which is the art of painted postcards (Mitsue Sugiyama)
– calligraphy (Sayuri Goto)
– bonsai (Polish Bonsai Association)
– music tent (you'll be able to try and play Japanese instruments)
– InuGami Kimono shop (kimono, obi, hakama, kitsuke accessories, geta, jewelry, fans ...)
– Visual Loli shop (clothes and accessories in the style of visual kei, gothic, punk and sweet lolita or steampunk)

Competitions, tournaments
– Miss/Mister Yukata (the most beautiful Japanese dress)
– Let's Catch the Lion!! Dobutsu shogi (Japanese mini-chess tournament for everyone)
– Japanglish (contest for guessing Japanese words derived from English)
– Kiai-shiai (martial shouts contest)
– Chopstick challenge (bead chopping competition)
– Kendama (competition of catching wooden balls by a handle)
– Kamizumo (sumo tournament, in which origami-sumoka fight guided by beating a cardboard ring)
– Bubblezumo (sumo wrestling in inflatable bubbles)
– Tug of war
– Tournament of running in pairs and in teams with legs tied to the neighbor
The winners will receive prizes, nami-yen for all participants!

Nami-yen, or festival currency
Where will you earn?
– Taking part in competitions and tournaments (all participants get prizes)
– Actively participating in a workshop (e.g. if you assemble difficult origami or learn to play a game)
What will you spend on?
– To dress up in Japanese clothes
– For funny photos with a special background
– For attractions in tents of Japanese traditions (calligraphies, painted postcards and others)
Nami-yens from previous years are still in circulation!

If you want to collaborate...

If you would like to:
– make a stage show
– make a stand
– demonstrate the Far Eastern games
– prepare a lantern
– join tha parade in historical Polish or Japanese costumes
please, contact
Maciej Pogorzelski
phone. (+48) 502 796 050

If you would like to help as volunteer
you would like to collaborate: clubs, associations etc. are welcome – please contact:
Grażyna Pogorzelska
tel. (+48) 784 694 592

Patronages, support, organizers

Honorary patronage:
The celebration is held under the honorary patronage of:
– The Embassy of Japan in Poland
– The Mayor of Wroclaw
The organizers are authorized to use 100-years Poland+Japan logo for the events

Suported by:
Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego
EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会 EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

Contact us:
Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI (Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)
ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław

Fundraising, Volunteers:
– Grażyna Pogorzelska:, mobile (+48) 784 694 592

Program, Media:
– Maciej Pogorzelski:, mobile (+48) 502 796 050

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